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Performance Accountability Voucher for Education
Proposed Amendment to the California Constitution

A Family Affair
"A renewed family_self esteem_will result."
  Jack Hickey

The purpose of this measure is to restore full responsibility and authority to families for the education of their children. Does anyone out there disagree that parents have a fundamental obligation to feed, clothe and shelter their family? Why should feeding their mind be excluded?

Choice in Education
Local Control and Accountability!

Sec. 1. INTENT OF THE PEOPLE  b. The Principles of Subsidiarity and Accountability being the essence of this Article, it is the will of the people that the Legislature shall enact no laws restricting how, where, why or when the education of the people occurs, and, unless otherwise provided for in this Article, all monies expended by the State or any of its agencies for the education of the people shall be allocated in the form of Performance Payments made directly to the student, parent or legal guardian, or to their assignees, for subject-related performance.

In the beginning, when Johnny & Mary learn to read & write Mommy & Daddy get paid, without regard for how their children learn.  And, as voucher support is phased out over 20 years, families will regain full responsibility for the education of their children.  Government will no longer have a role in education.  Education providers will be accountable to their customers, parents and students, in a market-based system.  Elimination of the sales tax will help provide families with the means to choose.

Separation of School and State

"Neither the State nor any of its creations shall engage in the operation or regulation of primary, secondary or technical schools."  "The Legislature shall provide for a phaseout of public schools ...The sales of these schools would generate revenues which could be in excess of $100 billion. These one-time revenues, first, would provide relief to local property taxpayers..."

With more than $100 billion reduction in property tax liens, and the elimination of sales tax expected to be more than $100 Billion/year, taxpayers, with or without children, will be free to support the education causes of their choice.  Recaptured assets resulting from this separation of school and state will be theirs to spend.  And, family values will no longer have to compete with government school indoctrination.

For more detailed information see  Attorney Generals Title and Summary and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee Fiscal Analysis


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