Redwood City School Board Election - November 3, 2009

Candidate Statement of John J. “Jack” Hickey

The Redwood City School District wasted more than $200,000 on the recent parcel tax election.  Its leadership can not go unchallenged in this election!
Throwing money at government schools does not solve problems caused by an archaic Education Code and union monopolies.
Higher taxes hurt everyone by reducing money available to support education alternatives. 
I seek this seat to allow voters to choose alternatives. 
My proposal for Property Tax credits would promote parental choice through economic empowerment.  And, it would give ALL property owners, with or without children--a choice in how their education tax dollars would be spent. 
View that proposal at
The long-term financial problems of the District can be resolved by eliminating one or more of the campuses, along with principals and staff  not needed with current enrollment.   Charter schools and other education providers would be likely buyers.
On November 3, choose Jack Hickey to be your voice.


Candidate Statement of Lea Cuniberti-Duran

As a Redwood City School District Trustee, I will bring:

Full accountability and transparency.  I will fully implement the Brown Act.  The district board agenda and documents will be posted on-line prior meetings.  I will assure the district applies to public and private grants to compensate for the money lost in the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy.

Appropriate credentials for school personnel.  I will assure that teachers and school therapists are licensed by: the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the California Board of Psychology, the California Speech-Language Pathology and Audiologist Board, and the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Classroom discipline.  Positive behavior intervention techniques are effective and scientifically proven to address behaviors in the classroom, allowing teachers to reach all children, and improving overall quality of instruction.  I will assure that positive behavior intervention techniques are part of the mandatory professional training for the Redwood City School District teachers.

Parent involvement at all school sites.  Studies show: parent participation improves test scores and overall quality of education. I will partner up with schools to promote parent participation both in the classroom and at home.

One calendar and minimum day on Friday for all schools in the district.
Please support me.

Cuniberti Design
c. (650) 743 8624

Ad opposing parcel tax(paid for by Jack Hickey)